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     Hi Everyone and Welcome To My Presidential Grave Web-site:

Welcome to my website. I hope you will find it interesting and of some help if you are just looking for extra information on each of the great leaders of the United States or where they are buried at.

You will find many things on here. Everything from my chance encounter with Chelsea Clinton along with pictures from the November 2004 grand opening of President Clinton's Library in Little Rock, Ar. For those of you that have a interest in the Civil War, Confederate President Jefferson Davis grave is also on here. You will also find my September 2006 chance encounter with Hillary Clinton.

What do you think? Do you think that David Rice Atchison was really President for a day? How about the Presidential Curse? Do you believe that something will happen to any President that is elected in the year zero?

In October of 2011 I had the chance to head to Plains, Ga to see President Carter teach Sunday School. To see pictures click here.

I hope you will enjoy my website and just send me a email or sign my guest book with your thoughts,comments or questions.

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